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Key elements


  • Responsive web application
  • Integration with CRM software
  • Bespoke database to manage survey data
  • Drupal integration

The brief

The requirement was for an attractive consumer design to form a key benefit of membership.

The login security had to work on a single sign-on with their Drupal website and our .Net MVC member portal.

Cilip bespoke self assessment app by Achorda

The solution

We developed a responsive web app with a bespoke API connecting to the member portal for security. A bespoke database was designed to hold the assessment criteria and the self-assessments and managerial appraisals.

The app allows users to come back at any time and complete an assessment, allow partial completion if time is short.

The survey is broken down into sectors for each area of their professional CPD criteria. A wheel design was developed as the main navigation route to allow users to see the different sections and their level of completion.

A PDF report was added using the custom design from the app to produce a professional assessment report that can be used for CPD.

Cilip bespoke self assessment app by Achorda

The results

The solution brings the following benefits to Cilip:

  • Users are engaged with Cilip as they consistently return to update their self-assessment
  • Cilip can easily collect valuable real time data on the skills assessment of sector professionals
  • Users see more value in their membership as the app helps them with their CPD


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