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Achorda's team of software experts are at hand to offer advice on any issues or creative ideas you may have. Contact us today to take advantage of our software experience.

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Ensuring your business is using the right software is not an easy task, and getting it wrong can be expensive.

Achorda have spent over 25 years helping customers get the best from their business software. We're really good at getting to know you and your organisation, talking to all the stakeholders who each have their own take on what's needed and understanding how your current systems work.

We know there are budgets to be met and unique problems to be solved. We love a challenge and we're proud that we can offer expert advice on how to take your enterprise software forward.

Replacing Legacy Software

We can advise on whether systems are obsolete and need replacing, or whether they can be used to integrate with other software to produce the results you're looking for. For example, old Access databases and spreadsheets, along with other legacy database systems will be slowing your business down dramatically. Achorda can advise on the best method to upgrade to a faster, secure and more efficient system and get the most from your data.

Integrating Legacy Software

If you've already invested heavily in a software system you're likely to want to keep it, even if it's not delivering the functionality you really need. Achorda can discuss ways to add on solutions that still make use of your legacy software while providing new functionality to improve your business performance.

How to get software advice from Achorda

Our initial consultation with you is always free, so that we can get a good understanding of what you are trying to achieve and whether we can help you. All you need to do is call or email us to get the ball rolling. Following an initial consultation, our team can advise on how their time can best be spent to help you further via meetings and ultimately by producing a Software Design Specification document to spell out exactly what a software development project would look like for your organisation.

The Software Design Specification would also include a quote for any development work that Achorda would need to carry out. It would then be used as the starting point for your software project should you decide to go ahead.


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