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Key elements


  • Secure, searchable online document archive
  • Related documents, meetings and communications links
  • Committee and working group communications archive

The brief

The organisation operates many working groups and committees with representatives drawn from a number of member companies.

Documents can be of relevance to more that one group and each group has its own document reference number system.

The aim was to improve the efficiency of the working groups by providing a searchable repository for documents and also to reduce the administration time for organisation staff.

CEEREAL committee / working group document archive app by Achorda Oxford | Reading | Newbury

The solution

Achorda developed an extranet application build around a Microsoft SQL Server database to provide the document portal.

Documents are uploaded via a web form, with additional details added as META data onto the form. The document is then stored in the database and indexed using Microsoft’s Full Text search engine.

Our document management search engine code was then used to provide working groups with a quick and easy way to find all documents by keyword or meeting date, and view any related documents.

Group members are now able to easily access the documents relevant for meetings or look back into the archive to find historical documents related to current issues.

CEEREAL committee / working group document archive app by Achorda Oxford | reading | Newbury

The results

The solution brings the following benefits to CEEREAL:

  • Admin staff can quickly send bulk emails to selected groups with document attachments
  • Group members can easily find documents and related documents from any location with access to the internet


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