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Key Elements

  • Mobile application development for App Store and Google Play
  • Converts user data into progress against goals based on logarithms
  • Tracks several critical health and happiness markers
  • Shows progress via graphical elements and charts
  • ‘Gamification’ of user experience

The Brief

Achorda was approached to provide design and development for a new mobile app for SX2 to rival the big brand names in the Health App sector. The app needed to provide users with a means of tracking not only their health, but also their happiness and help them reach specific body and mind health-related goals.

SX2 needed advice on how to implement their ideas, with no knowledge of UX design or application development. SX2 had a clear vision of what they wanted the user to get out of the app, but needed help to bring their ideas together in a way that would engage users and deliver a mobile app that could stand out from the competition.


Achorda mobile app development - Zone-Up ionic app

The Solution

Achorda designed a comprehensive specification for the project, turning the client’s ideas into a workable solution. This involved designing the algorithms to be used and planning/wireframing each screen to flesh out the user journey. Once the specification was agreed, design mock-ups were created to agree how each screen should look and to refine the user experience.

With the designs agreed, Achorda built the application using Angular and React via the Ionic Mobile App Framework. This cross-platform technology enables Achorda to quickly build fast, highly interactive apps, doing away with the need to build separate applications for different operating systems.

Using ‘Testflight’, beta versions were released for testing. This made it easy to invite numerous testers to gather feedback before the final version was released on the App Store and Google Play.


Achorda software design consultancy - Zone-Up health and happiness app

The Results

This solution works for SX2 Ventures because:

  • Achorda’s consultation service provided them with expert guidance on how their ideas could best be implemented
  • Achorda’s expertise in UI and UX design ensured an attractive and engaging product
  • The technology used enabled changes and enhancements to be implemented quickly across all platforms during development
  • The application can easily be adapted as it evolves, opening up opportunities for monetisation and growth


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