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Key elements

  • Bespoke CRM software
  • Migration utility development for data transfer
  • Integrated task and workflow system

The brief

The old system was based on an Access database and as well as suffering from poor performance and the risk of data corruption, it did not allow the organisation to manage its processes efficiently.

The requirement was for a new membership administration system linked to a bespoke central contact database CRM to improve membership administration.

IMI bespoke membership administration software by Achorda

The solution

The project involved several months of scoping to understand the challenges and opportunities for each of the main stakeholders.

Achorda developed a bespoke web application using Microsoft .Net MVC. And created a migration utility to transfer the existing information into the new system.

The membership admin system holds details of all members and applicants together with account information and grading for new elections and upgrades.

The platform has allowed the organisation to move to a more process-driven approach and an integral task and workflow system is being used to gradually move documented processes into a workflow on the system.

We found that there was a huge amount of information held in silos and by bringing this together in a fast and responsive web-enabled application meant that administration could be simplified.

IMI bespoke membership administration software by Achorda

The results

The solution brings the following benefits to IMI:

  • Simplification of admin tasks, freeing up time for business development
  • Staff can access all data from one central core instead of having to request it from different departments controlling different silos
  • Everyone can instantly check the status of every task so nothing gets forgotten and efficiency is increased dramatically


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