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Document management software

Document Management software from Achorda Oxford | Reading | Newbury

Providing secure access to documents and making them easy to find across your organisation is key to maximising efficiency.

Organisations lose efficiency by locking away useful information in silos. This often results in hours of wasted time communicating to find the information or even worse – duplicated effort producing work that has already been completed elsewhere.

Version control is also essential as the implication of following a procedure in a superseded document could be damaging to the organisation.

Achorda develops secure document management portals that index the keywords within them to provide powerful search features in an Intranet or Extranet browser-based solution.

We combine META data fields tailored to your own organisation so that you can search by a combination of keyword content and field matches. Bespoke solutions allow enhanced features such as document ranking, CRM integration and feedback comments.

Bespoke document management software with advanced document search

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