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CRM contact management development

Bespoke CRM contact management software Oxford | Reading | Newbury

Keeping control of your contact information and ensuring it is up-to-date is essential for running a successful organisation.

Now that the GDPR regulations are in force this is more important than ever.

We design your database to ensure that all of the essential information is recorded centrally to drive your business processes.

We reduce admin time by providing self-service portals for staff and clients to update their own details and opt-in to communication preferences themselves rather than phoning in. This enables a fully integrated approach to opt-in management.

Staff must ensure that all communications sent out are sent through a channel that has an associated opt-in. By combining your CRM with an email solution, mailing lists can be built based on these subscriptions for integration into your favoured email delivery platform.

Achorda build CRM into the heart of all of our bespoke membership software solutions, driving user access, content delivery and communications.

No two organisations are the same and working with Achorda ensures that your CRM helps you to work more efficiently and help you to do the great things you do more effectively.

Achorda bespoke CRM development Oxford | Reading | Newbury


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