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Software integration

At Achorda we understand the frustration of siloed software applications that don't talk to each other. That's why we build amazing software solutions to bring them together, streamlining business operations and reducing errors. If you would like to talk about Software Integration for your business, please get in touch for some friendly advice.

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Most organisations will be invested in numerous software solutions used by staff to carry out various business processes. Some of these will form a fundamental part of your business and your staff will have years of experience of using them.

However, it’s invariably the case that these solutions are working independently, duplicating tasks and not quite providing the functionality your business really needs. If replacing the entire system with a new bespoke software solution is not an option, you might consider a bespoke solution which integrates your existing software solutions using an application programming interface (API). This would provide your organisation with a bespoke managements system to control all your business processes from one hub.

ERP Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems bring all of an organisation’s business processes together, sharing their data and amalgamating it in one place. This eliminates data duplication and reduces the manpower required to collect and share that data. Achorda can build a bespoke ERP system for your organisation which could for example:

  • Automate processes to improve efficiency
  • Automate process communications
  • Improve the accuracy of data
  • Secure business data by allowing access permissions to be allocated to logged in staff
  • Provide secure online access to the system from anywhere
  • Provide full control of the data, logging changes and the change authors


Email Software Integration

A good example of an existing software solution that could be integrated is Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) software such as Adestra or Mailchimp. Why create another CRM if your staff use MailChimp and love it? Software integration via API would enable Achorda to use the database within the MAP to provide the CRM for other applications within the organisation.

Achorda can integrate services like Adestra or MailChimp to amalgamate your CRM with other software such as your website. You can find more information about this by reading about our Email Software integration software solutions.


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