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Staff within your organisation will use lots of different software solutions as part of your business processes. Some of these will be great and your staff will have years of experience of using them.

Do you really want to stop them using all of these great products so that you can have your amazing new software solution that does everything you’ve ever dreamed of?

Bespoke software is great – it does exactly what you want with no limits or constraints. But it’s not cheap and unless it’s going to give you an advantage over an off-the-shelf solution, it pays to leverage your other systems and third part solutions to build your ideal system.

A good example is email campaign software. Why build this into a custom CRM if your staff use MailChimp and love it? This is where software integration comes in – providing the glue between different software systems.

Some systems play nice together and have a documented API that we can use to extract information or control actions. Other are bit more tricky, involving file transfers or some clever tricks such as automatic a custom web browser to simulate manual actions.

If it’s possible though, this can be a great way to achieve more from your development budget and also to keep your users onboard and engaged.

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