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There was no source code control in place and no documentation which made it difficult for a new developer to understand the legacy system. The company had a pressing need to integrate new calendar scheduling functionality into their business management application but no means of moving forwards with the development that had been started. Some bugs in the system also meant there was a risk they may not be able to continue running their business through the current business application.

The application was written in a mix of languages including AngularJs, ASP.Net, .Net MVC and database triggers in SQL Server.

The Solution

Achorda began by spending time with staff members, firstly to understand the scope of the current system and secondly, how they had interacted with the previous software supplier. This helped to identify the functionality, server locations and technologies employed for the current system.

Following theses investigations, Achorda was able to identify the platforms used, locate important remnants of source code and then piece together missing elements to build development environments. These environments then enabled recompiling of the source code.

Parallel systems were built which enabled Achorda to bring the new environments in line with the live legacy system. This established a baseline on which Achorda could continue with the development that had already begun but not yet completed by the previous software supplier.

Next Achorda carried out a detailed examination of the source code and database structure to understand the architecture used by the previous developers. Fixes for the identified bugs were then implemented and the new source code was moved into a GitHub account set up in the client’s name to put them back in control.

With a working development environment in place, work could begin on the new calendar functionality required by the client. Requirements for the new calendar scheduling functionality were then agreed specified with the client using wireframing and mock-ups and the new functionality was then integrated within the rescued management system.

Achorda now provide support and maintenance for the rescued business management system on a regular basis with no monthly retainer fee. The client now has full ownership and visibility of their code with all changes held in their GitHub account so they will never find themselves in a similar situation again.


The results

The solution brings the following benefits:

  • Control of vital software systems
  • Faster, more efficient business processes
  • Facility to add new functionality through APIs
  • Ownership of software source code
  • Safer system backup via Cloud environment

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