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Database development

Achorda has over 25 years' experience building bespoke database systems that enhance businesses by connecting people with faster, automated processes, meaningful insights and greatly reduced costs. Get in touch to see how we can help you get your data working for you.

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Databases are at the heart of everything we create at Achorda. Our clients generate huge amounts of valuable data which is often hidden away in silos in different departments, duplicated by different software or in formats which make it hard to use effectively. We build database systems to bring people and information together so that tasks become easier and new opportunities can be realised.

Bespoke database systems

Achorda develops bespoke database applications for organisations with budgets of all sizes, enabling the recording, fast analysis and reporting of connected data. Information from multiple departments can be integrated into one simple interface, where data can be analysed and reports can be produced to each organisation's bespoke requirements.

We design the system around you and your team, spending time to understand your business and how different processes need to fit together. We also build for flexibility so that your investment is protected when new changes are required. 

Upgrading legacy systems

Many organisations develop internal databases using products such as Microsoft Access and this can serve them well for several years. As their business grows and staff move on, they often find that these old systems hold them back from implementing critical process changes or hinder staff efficiency.

In some cases clients come to us having been stranded by their former developers who are no longer available to support their application. In these circumstances it's often possible for Achorda to rescue legacy database software, fixing bugs and securing the data. 

Alternatively, Achorda can create a new database system to copy across all your legacy data and start collecting and using it in a more efficient and secure way using modern browser-based development platforms. We will work alongside stakeholders to understand what is needed from the solution and discuss the best ways to approach the project for your business.

Business Intelligence reporting

Our user-friendly systems make light work of business intelligence reporting, gaining valuable business insights and generating customised reports to help organisations reach their goals. Achorda can create custom dashboards to display data as each staff member needs to view it, giving individuals maximum control over the data that is relevant to their role.

Software integration

Achorda can build solutions to work with your existing database, or build a database to integrate with your current business software. Whichever you need, we can create a solution to display and manage all your business data from all your processes and software from one place, minimizing the risk of duplication and error.

ERP solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning solutions access data from multiple sources within an organisation. This helps to optimise business performance and plan business strategies based on accurate data reporting. Achorda can design and create ERP solutions that work seamlessly with your existing software, enabling effective management of all business resources through one single portal.

Secure, tailored access from anywhere

Our database applications are designed to be accessed through secure web portals or online applications such as intranets and extranets. Different levels of security access are set, enabling staff at all levels to access the data they need from any remote location. The software is therefore suitable for home-working as well as general off-site access.

Simple, automated processes

Achorda’s database solutions are designed with ‘ease of use’ in mind. We aim to simplify and automate as many processes as possible, making life easier for staff and freeing up time for more lucrative business activities.

Your database platform choice

We use a number of different platforms including Microsoft SQL Server linked to Microsoft .Net for our solutions. The exact choice of technology depends on your specific requirements and any existing constraints. Guidance with this is all part of the service from Achorda.

Future-proof solutions

Achorda's database applications provide a flexible solution that addresses the current organisational needs while allowing for growth and adaptation as requirements develop over time. Achorda are always on hand, tweaking functionality and thinking of ways your data could be working harder for you to give you that edge over competitors. Whatever your requirements are, we offer expert consultation and advice to ensure we build a solution to suit you.


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