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Key elements


  • Member portal integrated with CRM
  • Care-NG NFP CRM integration
  • Online registration and self-service
  • SagePay integration

The brief

The organisation was using the Care-NG NFP CRM. The new portal had to talk to this platform rather than creating a new CRM as part of the portal.

The solution

Achorda developed a bespoke web application using Microsoft .Net MVC.

The Care-NG solution allows flexibility in the way that membership products and rates are handled so we first had to understand and document how this would relate to the membership processes we would enable through the portal.

The API for Care-NG is pretty comprehensive and we developed the communication streams required for extracting and storing membership information relating to the registration process and saving of preferences.

For payments we used SagePay to collect payments by card, feeding information about the successful transaction back into the Care system and also backed up by additional reports in a backoffice administration portal.

We later added the ability to sign up for Direct Debit payments and steered the design of the registration forms to encourage members to choose this method as it saves so much admin time and also helps retention.

The conversion rate to Direct Debit payment was a clear demonstrable benefit for the system and resulted in a significant reduction in payment processing time.

Cilip online registration integrated software tool by Achorda

The results

The solution brings the following benefits to Cilip:

  • Member retention is increased as users can renew, pay and amend their details from any device
  • Admin payment processing time is significantly reduced
  • Staff have access to additional reporting data regarding member self-service


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