Software solutions to facilitate staff working from home or away from the office

Achorda develops bespoke portals, extranets and intranets that enable staff to access data and carry out tasks from any remote location, on any device, and work from home.

With more and more businesses looking to accommodate remote working, organisations are having to rethink their business models and look to digital transformation in order to stay ahead of their competitors. Since the key to success for remote working is to ensure that everything is accessible online, it makes sense for organisations to switch to digital so that tasks can be automated and better controlled; documents can be stored securely, searched and accessed quickly; conversations and meetings can be logged and referred to later; products can be procured, counted, sold, returned with perfect record-keeping; reports can be produced at the touch of a button; invoices can be sent and chased automatically; communications can be scheduled and monitored; payments can be taken online... the list is endless.

The functionality your business may need will likely differ to everyone else, which is why a bespoke solution will enable you to focus on what is important for your organisation. But the main principal of an efficient core system enabling your business to be run online, and therefore not be hindered by the location of your staff, remains constant. Achorda guides customers to decide the best way to streamline their business processes and ensure staff have access to whatever they need to work efficiently, wherever they may be based. With online meetings and digital documents becoming the norm, there has never been a better time to embrace technology and use all the tools available to simplify your business and move towards a more modern business model.

Bespoke software to facilitate working from home

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