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Legacy software rescue

Achorda has many years' experience helping companies who are struggling with older systems, whether they've got too slow, are corrupted, or are no longer supported and maintained. If your business is struggling with legacy software and you need some advice, please get in touch. We’d like to help.

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Many customers have approached Achorda at a point where their current software system is causing them real concern. Some have been let down by their current software supplier, others were reaching a point where an outdated system could cause critical issues for their business. When legacy software becomes a problem it’s a worrying time for any business, wondering who to turn to for help and how much it’s all going to cost. These clients found help and reassurance with Achorda and now have modernised, efficient software systems that can grow with their business.

Some examples of when legacy software becomes a problem are:

  • your software supplier goes out of business or can no longer support your business needs

  • your legacy software technology is outdated and is no longer supported

  • your business has outgrown the software and it’s holding you back

  • you need to use additional software but your legacy system won’t integrate with it

  • you have critical data stuck in an old system and you’re struggling to access it

  • business processes are time-consuming and inefficient because staff are having to navigate a slow, unsuitable system

Solving the legacy software problem

All our legacy software rescue projects start with an in depth consultation to build a clear picture of what the problem is and what your ideal outcome should be. We can then offer expert advice on how best to tackle the situation, beginning with a review of the legacy code and analysis of current systems to identify issues.

Achorda can help rescue your legacy software in a variety of ways including:

  • liaise with existing software suppliers to enable you to regain control of your systems. Often ownership of your software source code can be difficult to obtain

  • suggest and carry out fixes to modernise your legacy software code

  • create new software to integrate with your legacy software to provide missing functionality

  • rescue failed development to implement system upgrading

  • rescue data from failing systems

We take a flexible approach to any project, working with our clients to ensure any issues are solved in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. Development is usually phased to minimise disruption to current business processes and to help with any learning curve involved on behalf of staff affected by any changes to the system.

Our aim with any legacy software rescue project is to reassure our customers and help them get their business software back on track as soon as possible. We also offer ongoing support for all development carried out by Achorda.

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