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Achorda designs and builds eCommerce systems that enable clients to manage their business and website through a single secure system. If you're looking for a bespoke solution for your eCommerce project, get in touch today to see how we can help you.

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If your business model is a little complex, a bespoke eCommerce application can provide the functionality you simply cannot find in off-the-shelf solutions.

Software integration

Your business may well have already invested, both financially and in terms of accumulated data, in other software applications to carry out specific business operations. These might be CRM applications such as Mailchimp or Adestra; financial applications such as Sage or perhaps a legacy database application. There’s no need to abandon these systems if they are working efficiently for you, they can be integrated with an eCommerce Management System to streamline your business processes and share data.

Umbraco eCommerce website

Creating an efficient, responsive website that wows your potential customers is key to any eCommerce business. Achorda design and build Umbraco websites that not only look stunning but also make the editing process a breeze, as well as giving you the ability to optimise your site and get those SEO figures up.

Achorda eCommerce software solutions

Dynamic website content management

Matching website content to stock changes in real time is vital for any eCommerce business. Linking to an Umbraco website with full CMS capabilities, our eCommerce solutions can update website content dynamically in real time as product information is edited in the Management System. Images and documents are uploaded once and displayed dynamically in multiple locations. This saves many headaches, many mistakes and many hours of content editing.

Business intelligence

A customised dashboard displays the data your business relies on, helping management to identify the weakest and strongest areas and make informed decisions when planning business strategies. Achorda can develop your dashboard to meet your individual business intelligence requirements.

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