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Key elements


  • Umbraco 8 CMS back office for effortless content editing
  • High end website design with animation
  • SEO enhancement
  • Related content feature for maximum SEO effect

The brief

The client's current website wasn't working for them and they were struggling to find a website solution that fitted their needs. They knew they wanted a public-facing image that expressed the personality of the business, but they also needed expert advice to ensure the site performed as well as possible for them in terms of increasing traffic, engaging visitors and ultimately winning new business. Achorda was working with SMS Environmental on another project when they talked about their struggle to get the right website solution via a number of other suppliers they had tried. We were able to help them with that too by learning exactly what they were trying to achieve.

High performance commercial website for SMS Environmental

The solution

We talked to the main stakeholders to find out exactly what was needed from the new website. Top on the list was for a CMS system that would be simple to use and allow Administrators to allocate editing roles to small sections of the website, keeping all other content locked away. Umbraco CMS ticked all the boxes for our client and we were able to tailor the CMS to match their exact needs.

There is a wealth of professional knowledge within the SMS Environmental website, much of which is closely related to other content within the site. To ensure that users can easily find relevant content we developed a solution to enable links to any related content to display on every page. This not only helps the user to locate the information closely related to their interest, but also aids SEO by linking to multiple pages within the website.

SMS Environmental were keen for the website to make use of the latest animation techniques and, of course, be fully responsive. Using Bootstrap 4 and various CSS / Javascript animation techniques Achorda delivered exactly what they wanted. The 'Our People' page is of particular importance to SMS Environmental as they wanted to express the company ethics and gratitude to their staff. This page features a flip-through carousel of Management Team members and an animated collage of staff and moments images captured over the years.

The first phase of development is complete. Future phases will include integration with other systems within the business such as SMS's own Risk Assessment Management software which Achorda is also working on with them.

You can read more about this project in our new article: SMS Environmental launches new commercial website by Achorda

Achorda website animation techniques - carousel


Achorda related content web solution

The results

The solution brings the following benefits to SMS Environmental:

  • The editing experience for administrators is now a positive one within Umbraco, no more headaches
  • Website administration tasks can easily and safely be delegated to multiple editors
  • Users have a much improved experience when visiting SMS's online presence and may therefore feel more inclined to make contact
  • SEO enhancements should gradually increase SMS's visibility and page ranking end ensure relevant content is picked up in search results
  • The website is now a powerful marketing tool enabling SMS to write blog posts and other content to provide information, draw visitors in and guide them to other content


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