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Achorda offer software development solutions that embrace the power of AI to completely transform user experiences and business processes. If you’d like to find out more about how AI software can enhance your business please get in touch.

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The age of AI technology has well and truly arrived. In terms of its usage in business software applications things are relatively new and there is huge scope for creativity and innovation when designing bespoke software applications today.

Achorda can offer expert advice on how best to take advantage of new AI technology for your individual software project. Some examples of the technologies Achorda can implement in software development projects are:

Knowledge mining / knowledge discovery

This subset of AI is the process of extracting valuable information from vast amounts of data. Data sources could be text documents, images, audio or videos for example which might contain vast amounts of unstructured data which would previously be meaningless or difficult to extract. Knowledge mining offers organisations the ability to extract vast amounts of data, analyse sentiment and obtain content recommendation based on the patterns and insights uncovered by the software. By turning unstructured data into actionable knowledge, knowledge mining provides business with an unprecedented understanding of the information they hold and discover previously hidden insights for planning and decision making.

Machine learning

This type of AI allows business software applications to learn from historical data (often in conjunction with knowledge mining) using AI algorithms in order to predict behaviour or outcomes. This technology enables the software to learn and improve its performance on specific tasks based on the data extracted. The more data the software receives, the more it learns and the more enhanced its performance becomes. For business, this is particularly useful for predicting customer behaviour or anticipating and avoiding risks for example. For business applications such as Business Intelligence or ERP systems this technology is invaluable.

Conversational AI and machine translation

Using multilingual AI Bots to provide conversational business processes such as initial contact customer services can drastically reduce running costs for organisations. Machine translation enables organisations to break all language barriers that may be hindering growth. This technology is particularly useful for eCommerce solutions.

Document process automation

AI has the potential to completely revolutionise the way businesses process documents. AI-powered document management software can accurately extract a whole range of data from documents and images such as text, data tables and structures. Information that would take hours to extract manually can be processed within seconds.

Speech transcription

Voice-enabled apps (hey Siri!) enable a faster, more personal interaction with the user. Speaker recognition offers businesses new way to handle security and application ‘sign in’ as well as task activation.  
Human speech can be accurately transcribed to text and, in conjunction with speaker recognition, conversations can also be transcribed. Handy for those endless meetings!
Conversely, natural-sounding voices can be accurately produced from text using the same technology.

Faster development software tools

Ai technology not only enhances the solutions we provide our customers, it also enables Achorda to lower costs to our clients. AI-powered software development platforms, such as Microsoft’s Azure and Ionic for mobile, not only bring us cutting edge tools to deliver the latest technology but also speed up development time.


AI data mining and machine learning software from Achorda, Oxford

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