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Key elements

  • Secure document management
  • Full text search

The brief

MTC required a new framework that would initially house a searchable document and video library within a Knowledge Base portal plus an Adoption Tracker to allow companies to view a roadmap of resources relevant to them and record their progress.

MTC Document Management and Adoption Tracker bespoke software

The solution

Achorda initially developed a prototype stand-alone app running on an iPad to demonstrate the proposed Adoption Tracker and this was presented by MTC staff in an event for leading UK manufacturers.

Based on the feedback, MTC asked Achorda to develop the production version of the Adoption Tracker as well as the design and development of a new secure document portal for the Knowledge Base.

Achorda developed high performance web apps using Angular within an Umbraco CMS platform. A bespoke security layer was developed for Umbraco to allow the security layers required by MTC.

The resulting solution provides a full-text searchable document library with independent security at each level, within an Umbraco platform that can be used to create any number of portals with their own archives.

The Adoption Tracker was evolved to save progress at an Organisation level linked to profiles within a bespoke CRM.


MTC document management bespoke software


MTC adoption tracker bespoke software application

The results

The solution brings the following benefits to MTC:

  • One platform for any number of portals for different specialisms within MTC
  • Single security platform that can be used for securing sections of web portals or document archives
  • Ability to showcase technology trends and MTC services offered while protecting content for different levels of membership
  • Allows member companies to record progress and for MTC to use this information to provide more targeted help

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