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Achorda creates specialised software to collect, store and process data to produce meaningful insights to organisations in a way that helps them understand and grow their business. If you'd like to talk to us about a better way to capture and utilise your business data please get in touch with us today.

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Collecting your business data and making it work for you is key to getting ahead of the competition. Achorda designs and develops bespoke software systems to collect, store and process data in a way that facilitates bespoke reporting and analysis, providing more meaningful actionable insights for enterprise.

Whether you need to measure data from your customers, your products or your staff, any information can be rendered in an easy-to-use format using charts and graphs of your choice. A customisable dashboard page enables individual users to analyse and action data that's relevant to them and their department, using specific insights to run reports for management and to measure performance against your company's KPIs. A scientific data dashboard can display data however it is required using any type of chart you may need.

Although there are off-the-shelf solutions to provide a blanket range of business intelligence reports, a bespoke solution enables your staff to dig right down into the heart of your business and utilise data that may currently be overlooked or inaccessible. There are no constraints to the way your reports are set up, the system is designed specifically for your business to retrieve the exact data you need, integrating all your current software. This is superior business intelligence.

As your company grows and your business needs change Achorda will be there to enhance your business intelligence system to retrieve and process even more data, interacting with other systems and taking your enterprise to a whole new level with bespoke software design.

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