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Achorda increases the efficiency of your employees by developing bespoke Intranet software solutions.

Achorda designs, develops and supports Intranets to provide features such as secure document storage, database, process automation and HR appraisal in web-enabled apps built using Microsoft .Net and Umbraco.

Intranets provide a single focus for internal software applications with a single sign-on. Intranets are built around Umbraco for content management with our own custom modules for features tailored to your exact requirements.

Commercial solutions such as Sharepoint are expensive to license and do not provide the best platform for developing bespoke applications, databases or fast searches. We provide exactly what you need and with the option of no ongoing license charges.

If your employees can get quick access from anywhere to documentation and procedures, use simple online forms to initiate processes and access your unique tailored applications they will work more efficiently and make fewer errors. Coupled with automation from our task automation technology, you can focus your precious resources on high-value work.

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Every organisation has its own challenges and opportunities so why not get in touch to see how Achorda could help you with yours?

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