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Web design and SEO

Achorda web design and search engine optimisation Oxford | Reading | Newbury

Achorda develops and supports bespoke websites with integrated content management (CMS).

Achorda works with stakeholders to identify the opportunities available and then designs and builds websites to achieve those goals in a cost-effective way.

We help you to develop your list of requirements and then scope the solution to match your budget.

Once delivered, your business will continue to adapt and grown, and Achorda provides ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that the website can grow with you.

Our designers will meet with you to discuss your objectives. They will produce wireframes for the main screens and suggest how the site can be put together in a way that will optimise its visibility to search engines (SEO).

The designers will then discuss any graphic design guidelines for your corporate style and work within those, or start afresh if you prefer, to come up with a look and feel that delivers the right kind of feel that you are looking for.

Our websites use the amazing Umbraco CMS platform for content management. We will set this up for you so that editing content is really easy requiring no special training.

We will use the best tools available to provide the best website for your budget. We select the technology platform based on how robust the platform is, how well it is supported by the development community and how quickly it can be used to deliver a solution.

We can work with any technology but if you are technically minded, our expertise is centred on Microsoft .Net MVC or Core for the bespoke development, Microsoft SQL Server for the database, Umbraco CMS for content management, Angular JS, Javascript, HTML5 and Bootstrap for browser applications and Python / node.js for script-based development.

Umbraco CMS website with Search Engine Optimisation by Achorda


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