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Achorda develops bespoke software applications that automate processes within your organisation to reduce administration time, increase productivity and reduce human error.

Our web-enabled solutions can automate multiple processes triggered manually or automatically from other systems.

The processes are broken down into workflows containing inter-connected nodes handling communications sent to staff or your clients / members, system API calls to update or interrogate other systems, tasks sent to staff to make decisions manually and delays to wait for something to happen.

Using this framework we are able to drastically reduce effort by administration staff by only bothering people if the workflow can’t handle a situation automatically.

Our framework also allows you to analyse each process to see the counts for each branch followed and even drill down into individual processes.

There are obviously lots of applications where process automation could help your business to streamline current operations and manage by exception rather than repeating boring tasks that don’t warrant the attention of an expensive team member.

Some example applications include payment chasing, direct debit cancellation processing, automated promotional offers, data cleansing and deduplication.

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