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Why you should fast-track digital transformation to fortify your business and facilitate remote working

01 May 2020 by Peter Ebdon

If we have learned one thing through the Covid-19 crisis, it is that technology and digital services have been crucial in enabling many businesses to continue to operate effectively and for people to continue to communicate despite being scattered around the globe. Those businesses who have been able to accommodate staff working from home and use technology to adapt business processes to meet changing demands have a major advantage over less digitally advanced organisations.

Digital transformation will protect your business

Remote working - the way forward?

Indeed, the lessons learned from the effects of the pandemic on businesses may well change the way we do business forever. Companies that were previously resistant to remote working may well have discovered that it actually works quite well for them. Staff may be grateful to lose the stress and cost of the commute and enjoy a better work/life balance making them happier in their work. Employers can consider smaller premises and reduced overheads and thereby higher profit margins.

But whether employers embrace remote working or not, it is clearly vital to have an infrastructure in place to enable a business to continue to operate if staff are forced to work from home or the workforce is reduced and roles need to be reallocated as has happened during the Covid-19 pandemic. Those organisations whose digital infrastructure has proved inadequate to cope with the changes brought about by this crisis will need to rethink their business model and embrace technology moving forward.

Automating processes for better control

Digital transformation allows an organisation to digitalise their business processes, making them easier to manage and control. For example, documents and information can be stored securely and accessed online from any device or location through an Extranet or Portal. Business processes are automated to maintain consistency and accuracy, and tasks allocated to roles. Roles can be switched to different staff members meaning if the usual staff member isn’t available then their tasks can be carried out easily by someone else and won’t be backlogged. Processes can be changed as different demands have to be met, allowing the business to adapt to changing circumstances quickly and reducing the chance of any negative impact.

Facilitate home working for staff

Every organisation is different, and their software requirements will be dependent on their unique business model. The market is already seeing software companies offering off-the-shelf solutions claiming to solve the home working problem, but while generic solutions for things like video meetings and shared cloud storage are useful tools, these need to be combined with a robust, secure, intelligent software core to enable businesses to maintain their unique selling points and continue to deliver them efficiently with a dispersed workforce and changing market. A bespoke software solution can ensure your unique business processes are managed with maximum efficiency without the need for multiple software packages and the huge learning curve and expense they entail.

The need for digital transformation for businesses has never been more apparent. To protect your business against external risks beyond your control your business needs to be flexible and function seamlessly online. If the current crisis has revealed some cracks in your current business model, now is the time to fast-track your ideas for the digital transformation of your business. Achorda designs software that enables both office and home working to allow efficient operation of complex processes to maintain competitive advantage. We are here to help get you started in protecting the future of your business.

If you think Achorda could help you fast-track your digital transformation and facilitate staff working from home then please get in touch.

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