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Bespoke Software | 5 reasons to choose bespoke over packaged software

29 Jun 2018 by Peter Ebdon

A common misconception about going the ‘bespoke’ route for your software as opposed to an ‘off the shelf’ software package is that bespoke means ‘more expensive’. While there are some great packages out there, trying to make them fit your organisation may in the long run cost you much more. Here are some reasons why a bespoke solution might be the better option:

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  1. Most packaged software is too complex. It can often perform many clever tasks, half of which you may never need but have paid for. A tailored solution is developed around your individual membership requirements, with the ability to bolt on additional features as and when you need them. This way your software is doing exactly what you need it to do for the budget available at the time and not muddying the water with all sorts of functionality that is just ‘overkill’.
  2. An ‘off the shelf’ solution might have functionality that closely matches what you’re looking for, but you might have to rethink the way your business carries out certain tasks in order to work with the software. Or you might have to spend extra money having development work carried out to ‘tweak’ the software so that it complies with your exact requirements. All of this is unnecessary with a bespoke software solution as the whole system will have been created to meet the exact requirements of your membership team.
  3. If you opt for a software package you are dependant on the vendor for the implementation of new features if and when they develop them. You are also reliant on them supporting new technology such as responsive layouts for smaller media devices. If you have a bespoke solution already in place you will be able to get your developer to enhance your system with new functionality as soon as you discover a need for it and also keep your software meeting the latest trends in design, technology and user experience.
  4. A bespoke solution is owned by you. The rights to ‘off the shelf’ software packages are always owned by the development company. This means that you can develop the software in any way you like without any restrictions as your organisation grows and your requirements change.
  5. Licence fees, consultancy and training for the larger more complex packages can quickly mount up and be very expensive. This is often not taken into account when weighing up potential costs. Bespoke solutions are not only tailored to your business functionality requirements but also to the skills and knowledge already within your company. You won’t be left scratching your head wondering how to use the brand new technology and hunt amongst all the unnecessary features to find the things you need. Your new software will have exactly what you need at your fingertips and work in the way YOU need it to, thereby streamlining your business, saving you time and increasing your profits.


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