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Bespoke Extranet | What is it and what can it do for your business?

10 Oct 2018 by Peter Ebdon

Here at Achorda we used to develop a lot of stand-alone applications for our clients. Each application would have its own security system, its own unique look and feel and its own database. When separate systems are developed in this way you start to get a few problems, some of which you may well recognise from your own experience:

Achorda bespoke intranet and extranet development in Oxford and Newbury
  • How do you get these different systems to talk to each other and share data?
  • Every application is new to the users so training is required separately for each system
  • Licensing issues have to be handled separately
  • Information gets locked away in one system because other users are unable / unwilling to learn how to use every application
  • Time and money is wasted and opportunities for the membership organisation to grow are lost
  • Staff find themselves reinvent the wheel, because each department has competing sets of requirements and each head of department jealously guards their applications and data
  • You need a separate set of developers to maintain each system

At the same time organisations bought into packaged Intranet applications such as Sharepoint. This gave them the ability to share documents and create WIKI content and brought a number of basic business tasks under one application. But bespoke application development in Sharepoint is complicated, and therefore expensive, so few organisations have the resources or budget to start building useful applications tailored to their unique requirements on these platforms and are stuck with using multiple applications to perform individual tasks.

In order to address these issues Achorda developed ACHORDAcore systems for handling website content, secure document management, client portal, reporting and administration. All your organisation tasks under one umbrella.

As an example, we’ve just completed a worldwide solution for Wood Group Kenny that is transforming their business.

The solution is expanding constantly and provides staff with unprecedented access to expertise that was previously hidden to them within the global organisation. Providing access to a wealth of best practice information, forums for discussion, tools and wizards, project management tools, applications for management including HR data collection and reporting is cutting costs and increasing productivity – all in one application with a single login. Using Achorda's technology, all departments are able use efficient internal communication to work together and share a wealth of valuable information in seconds across the world.

When considering your strategy for internal software application development, why not think about creating or enhancing your own extranet rather than rolling out yet another application?

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