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ACHORDAcore  bespoke software Oxford and Newbury

The ACHORDAcore platform provides the base framework for bespoke bespoke websites, web applications Intranets and Extranets with integrated Umbraco CMS. Coupled with bespoke and tailored modules, the platform can be extended to provide all of the features you need to engage with your members, staff or clients and support your employees in following your processes.

For ACHORDAcore we looked at the essential features that all of our solutions had in common so that we could provide a robust framework on which to build our bespoke solutions.

Every organisation we deal with has different requirements but some elements are common and so having a robust framework to base them on allows us to provide reliable, state of the art solutions cost-effectively.

These are the essential elements that ACHORDAcore provides:

  • A solid open-source CMS at its heart with a vast developer network (Umbraco CMS)
  • Ability to integrate our own CRM for the contact database as well as external providers
  • Password reset and recovery via email
  • Information caching for performance
  • Basic CRM with key contact fields and the ability to define groups and permissions
  • Extendable platform allowing 3rd part plugins
  • Ability to restrict content by user group or permission
  • Multi-level database mixing bespoke database information with the CMS content
  • Intuitive user interface for editors to maintain the list of authorised users and the content within the site
  • Based on a core well-funded technology platform (Microsoft .Net MVC and Javascript / Angular)

All of our web projects are now based on ACHORDAcore. This gives you the peace of mind that your website or application is built on solid foundations and you are not trapped into investing in a niche technology that will have a limited lifespan.

Every organisation has its own challenges and opportunities so why not get in touch to see how Achorda could help you with yours?

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