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I need a bespoke CRM to handle my client contacts and integrate with other systems

If the details of your organisation’s contacts are currently held in silos such as paper, Excel spreadsheets or difficult to access third party systems then you will benefit greatly from moving to a bespoke CRM.

Bespoke CRM contact management software Oxford and Newbury

Achorda develops bespoke CRM software to hold the important information about your organisation’s contacts and make them available to teams in your organisation.

A CRM forms the core of any modern organisation and Achorda can also integrate your CRM with other systems and build bespoke applications around it in an Intranet. A great CRM will improve efficiency and help with GDPR compliance, supporting marketing, sales, and customer services.

Our bespoke CRM software solutions include fields and screens tailored to the way you want to work. Sections can be locked down by user group or permission and a powerful search lets you find contacts and build report views to use the data efficiently.

We can integrate with mail systems such as MailChimp to help with GDPR compliance and even build applications around it to drive your business processes.

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