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What is full stack development and what are the benefits for clients?

20 Jan 2023 by Peter Ebdon

Full stack development refers to the complete set of technologies and skills required to deliver an entire software project, developing both the application’s front-end and back-end. Some software agencies may specialise in one or the other and outsource the development that requires the skills they don’t possess. A full stack development agency however, can deliver a software project from start to finish in-house.

Front-end development skills

Front-end development deals with the client side code, so the part of the application that is visible to the user/client. Developers need to have the necessary skills to create this from concept to finished working code. This includes UX and UI design, wireframing, CSS, HTML and Javascript and understanding concepts such as Accessibility law, GDPR law and Search Engine Optimisation. Some examples of the technologies used for front-end development are:

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JSON, XML, jQuery, Angular, React and Gulp


Achorda front-end development skills


Back-end development skills

Back-end development encompasses all the server-side functionality of a solution that the user does not normally see. This includes the business logic, security, performance, scalability, and handling request-response of the application. Frameworks are used to design the core application workflows using a number of technologies.  

A back-end developer will also be creating APIs to integrate between software applications and generating programming libraries. Some examples of the technologies used for back-end development are:

Databases such as SQL Server, Oracle and  APIs. Frameworks such as ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET MVC. Languages such as C#, Java, VB.NET and Python.


Achorda backe-end developer skills


The benefits of full stack development for clients

Full stack development provides a faster and more efficient development experience to build web applications, as team members are equipped with the knowledge of various technologies and tools and can use their diverse knowledge for development as well as future research.

This saves time and money, which in turn reduces costs for customers. It also means that all elements of a software solution are managed in one place, avoiding the need to liaise with separate companies to make changes. This facilitates a faster delivery time for solutions to be up and running.

Achorda full stack development

In addition to front-end development Achorda offers a full graphic design service, providing design mockups and prototypes for discussion before development even begins. This is a huge advantage for our clients as the design stage is carried out with full knowledge of the development processes and limitations that will follow. Often this stage of a software project involves a third party design agency who don’t work closely enough with the development team to fully understand how their design can impact the effort required to code their ideas. Our design team aim to make the development process as smooth as possible, saving time and money for our clients.

The Achorda team is fully equipped to handle any software project from creating ideas to the finished, fully-functioning application. 

If you'd like to talk about an upcoming project that might benefit from Achorda's full stack development approach, please get in touch.

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