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ACHORDAcrm  bespoke contact management software Oxford and Newbury

The ACHORDAcrm module adds to the ACHORDAcore platform to provide extended CRM and email functionality.

ACHORDAcrm is aimed at organisations looking for an integrated CRM database within their website / client portal.

A major challenge facing organisations is storing membership records in a way that allows easy access and security against data breaches under GDPR.

Having a well-designed CRM that fits your requirements rather than being a one-size-fits-all solution means that you can improve the performance of your team and improve the opportunities for engagement.

Fields within the CRM are tailored to your specific requirements, covering fields needed for contact information, status, processing progress and communication opt-ins.

The CRM is fully searchable and has an audit trail to track changes.

The CRM integrates fully with the Umbraco CMS so you can lock down content by user group or a permission assigned to groups.

By controlling your contact data through a central CRM you can make it easier to achieve GDPR compliance and enforce integrity between your different systems.

Every organisation has its own challenges and opportunities so why not get in touch to see how Achorda could help you with yours?

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