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How can I provide a secure database application for my employees in an Intranet?

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Placing the database application within an Intranet means that you have a single sign-on and a one-stop destination for document management, web content, database and apps.

An Intranet is really a website inaccessible to the public Internet. Secure pages house all of the content and a bespoke database enables different applications to be linked together.

Other systems can also be integrated into the database without the need to move them into the same Intranet environment.

With database systems, search systems are often key to its success and acceptance by users. Simple keyword search as well as advanced searching with the ability to save views as reports for later reuse make data more accessible.

Secure storage of records is often required and we can lock data down at the individual field level if required. This is often a requirement for sensitive personal data or financial information.

Achorda builds bespoke database applications either as standalone apps or as Intranets based on Microsoft SQL Server with .Net MVC and Umbraco. Our database solutions are designed for speed of access and future-proof expansion.

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