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How can I increase efficiency by automating workflow tasks and make my team more process-driven?

Your team probably spends a lot of time on processes which are either repetitive or a waste of their talents.

Achorda bespoke process automation software Oxford and Newbury

Take chasing payments as an example. First someone needs to detect that there’s a problem in the first place. They may find out via a report or just come across it as part of their job. Then they try to remember what procedure they should follow. They can’t find a documented procedure so they check with a friend and email the client. What happens from that point could be anything, but it’s not likely to be the ideal process that you’d like them to follow.

What if the payment was missed because you’re a membership organisation and the person has resigned? So that can be ignored but how much time was spent finding out it could be ignored? And was it found out too late?

This is where process workflow automation can help.

Firstly, documenting your procedures is great because it lets you design the customer experience to achieve the optimal outcome for your organisation and it lets everyone know what’s expected of them.

Secondly, many of the paths through that process could be handled without any intervention from your team at all. So cutting those out saves time – and money.

Achorda develops integrated workflow process automation systems allowing your team to concentrate on important high-value tasks. Processes are broken down into steps and are triggered manually or by something happening in other systems. Steps can be reading data from other systems, delays, updates to other systems or a manual task assigned to a team. Automating processes allows management by exception – avoiding wasted time.

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