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How can I ensure GDPR compliance for email communications?

GDPR means that we have to be a lot more careful about who we send communications to and where we store their data.

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Separate CRM and mailing lists present a potential problem with different silos of contact details. Someone may be deleted at their request from your CRM but could get left in your mailing list. That’s a potential breach.

So ideally you want your CRM to be the central store of contact information and for that to control everything else you do with personal data.

ACHORDA develops integrated websites and email solutions that help you to ensure GDPR compliance. It is important that you ensure all of your email communications go out to recipients with a valid opt-in subscription. We synchronise your CRM with your mailing lists to ensure that your team only sends out to people who have subscribed for that kind of communication.

We build solutions that build your lists in your email system (such as MailChimp) using the information held in your CRM and keep it refreshed. We also look for any unsubscribes from the email system and feed that back into your CRM.

All systems are different but most allow integration (via API calls). If not, it may be a good time to change your email platform.

Why not see if we can help you with integrating your existing CRM and email systems, or if we can develop something better for you.

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