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How to provide a secure client, staff area or portal on your website

14 Dec 2018 by Peter Ebdon

ACHORDA develops websites with secure portals for clients, staff or members. Sign-in is controlled via an integrated or external CRM and application functionality is added within the site matching any of your bespoke requirements. Sites are professionally designed and can either be integrated with your Umbraco website or can be developed in a matching style.

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If you want to provide a central point for communication with your staff, members or clients then an online portal is the way to go. 

You probably already have a website. Depending on the platform it is developed on, your portal may be able to sit within the same website. If not, it’s not a problem as a portal can be developed to look just like your website and can be developed completely separately. You may even want to redesign your website at the same time – this a great time to do it and you can then get all the benefits of a new content management system covering all areas.

Achorda develops websites with secure portals for clients, staff or members.

Content within the portal is protected at the user group or permission level. This allows the creation of areas within the website for specific types of user.

Sign-in is controlled either via an integrated CRM or an external CRM such as CARE-NG or Microsoft Dynamics.

We develop our portals using Umbraco, giving you complete control over content with an easy to use but powerful CMS for your editors.

We can integrate document management within the portals including keyword and advanced searching including document contents as well as customised fields.

Portals often include self-service areas for changing contact details or resetting passwords as well as for updating opt-ins for communication subscription preferences.

Portals are a great way to provide a focal point of communication with your staff, members or clients.

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