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Bespoke CRM Database | Integrate your SEO and Campaign Tracking with your CRM

03 Sep 2018 by Peter Ebdon

Using a bespoke CRM integrated with your website lets you capture where your sales are really coming from and not just the information from the latest visit. Many detached systems fail to record the campaign that generated the initial seed in the target audience's mind that then turned into a repeat visit for the actual sale or sign-up.

CRM communications management

Talk to any marketing agency these days and they will get very excited about their new phrase 'inbound marketing'. To you and me this is all about regular content coupled with good Search Engine Optimisation to bring visitors to your organisation website so you can turn them into customers.

Talk to any business coach and they'll tell you that measuring the performance of your various marketing methods is key to maximising member growth.

Systems such as Google's AdWords will let you track when there is a successful outcome within the session that they have delivered a user in.

But what if someone finds you in a Google search when researching suppliers and then comes back a few days later and buys from you? Will you know which keywords or which advert yielded the new sale?

It's this kind of scenario that a bespoke CRM integrated with your website and campaign system can let you master.

By recording the campaign source of a visitor and being able to tie this up with a later visit, you are now able to record the original campaign and keywords with the new customer when they are added to your CRM. This then gives you more complete return on investment (ROI) figures and lets you allocate your valuable marketing budget to the areas that are working best for you.

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