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ACHORDAflow bespoke workflow management and process automation software Oxford and Newbury

Most organisations hold information in many different systems, holding silos of information controlled by different departments.

Processes are often undocumented resulting in mistakes or an inconsistent customer service experience for clients or members, affecting reputation.

Processes often involve a lot of manual sourcing and checking of information and manual production of emails and letters. Time is often wasted when a process is initiated unnecessarily or when steps involve simple lookups of information or repetitive data entry.

ACHORDAflow is our workflow engine that we use for our bespoke automation projects.

Processes are code into .json files and held in a library along with any process documentation.

Each step in the process can be a remote to another system a manual process assigned to a team member or a delay. Conditional branches then lead to other steps or a process outcome.

Each process can be analysed so that the number of processes that follow each branch and reach each outcome can be seen clearly. This not only shows the effectiveness of the process, it identifies where other changes to the process could be used to achieve the desired outcomes.

Workflow automation can be used for many different types of process. If a process can be mapped, and any related systems have an API, we can automate it.

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