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ACHORDAdocuments bespoke document management software Oxford and Newbury

Most organisations have could benefit from secure document libraries allowing documents to be uploaded and streamed through a web portal.

ACHORDAdocuments adds document management within a secure web portal to the ACHORDAcore solution with integrated Umbraco CMS. The module allows organisations to create online document libraries for project teams, working groups or committees supporting keyword searching.

The ACHORDAdocuments module includes a full text search engine that indexes keywords within the uploaded documents together with additional META fields defined for each library.

Libraries can be searched using keywords including the user of brackets, AND, etc to rapidly return matching results.

Working groups can be given view and edit access separately to allow administration to be handed to group leaders.

Documents are held in the database and can only be accessed by the user being logged in and having been assigned to a group that has access.

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