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Achorda solves the Post Code problem – providing accurate post codes to 1m anywhere in the world with PostCodeStar

20 Feb 2020 by Peter Ebdon

How many times have we all struggled to explain exactly where our house or office is? Or where we’d like a courier to leave our parcel in a safe place? Or exactly where we plan to meet up with people? So much time, money and resources get wasted when parcels or people turn up in the wrong place. So much stress is added to our day when we have to navigate a huge building or industrial site to get to an appointment, or track down a parcel the courier tells us has been delivered but there's no sign of it. Organisations need accurate locations for buildings, rooms and assets. In future, we’re going to want to give accurate locations for anything from driverless car pickups to drone parcel drops.

PostCodeStar app by Achorda - post / zip code extension accurate to 1 metre square

But no more! Achorda has devised a unique application that enables you to pinpoint a 1 metre square location just by adding a few characters to a post / zip code. That means you can give an exact address for a garden shed, your front door, your meeting room or a hospital department reception. Imagine how much easier life could be!

Others like What3Words have tried to solve the problem, but these solutions require lengthy text and have problems with language translation and are open to errors when spoken over the phone or radio.

We’re all used to using Post Codes (or Zip Codes) – we just need them to be more accurate.

With Achorda’s experience and expertise in the bespoke software industry we decided to take the problem on. After trying lots of different options, the GeoStar algorithm was born to change the way the world shares locations.

What’s does the PostCodeStar app do?

By dividing the entire surface of the world into a grid of 1 metre squares, PostCodeStar uses Achorda’s flexible GeoStar technology to code the position of a grid point relative to an origin which is stored against the post / zip code. The number of characters required depends on the distance from the origin but always gives at least 1 accuracy.

So you can take Post Code in the UK like W1A 1AA and just add *FM55 to locate the front door of the BBC.

Or take 20500 in the US and add *VLL1 for the fountain on the lawn of the White House.

The idea is that people can start adding their star code wherever they display their post / zip code to give us a global standard for accurate locations.

When a post / zip code is not available or required, global codes use 900 origins based in the largest population centres to pinpoint a location.

How to use the PostCodeStar app

To get a star code for a location:

  • Type in post/zip code and select the correct result from the list that appears
  • The map pin will drop you on the map in a central position for the details you provided
  • You can then zoom in and move the map around until the pin is just where you need it
  • Tap the pin to lock your location so that you can move the map around without affecting your star code

To get a global code for a location:

  • If you’ve already got your star code fixed on the map, you can simply click the ‘global’ icon in the app to switch to a global code
  • If you want to find a location without a post / zip code, simply type a city name or address and select the correct result from the list that appears
  • The map pin will drop you on the map in a central position for the details you provided
  • You can then zoom in and move the map around until the pin is just where you need it
  • Tap the pin to lock your location so that you can move the map around without affecting your global code

Star and global codes can be shared within the app. Recipients will receive a link which will either open in a browser in the postcodestar.com website, or in the app if they have it installed.

Easily switch between satellite and street map view.

You can even click on the directions icon to jump into Google Maps and view directions from your current location.

Why should people start using the PostCodeStar app?


PostCodeStar can be used to eradicate ambiguity when you really need someone to find an exact location. Whether it’s to make your own life easier, or to improve the experience of your customers, the reasons why PostCodeStar could become indispensable are endless. Here are just a few examples:

  • Ensure your deliveries always arrive at your door rather than the house down the road
  • Share the location of your safe place for deliveries rather than trying to explain how to get to the shed down the garden
  • Pinpoint the exact spot you’ve parked your car in that huge car park
  • Let customers know the exact location of your office on a massive industrial estate
  • Share a meeting place location with friends or colleagues
  • Share the location of an accident or vehicle breakdown

We could go on, but you get the picture.

The benefits of using PostCodeStar

  • Using characters rather than words means there is no need for translation into multiple languages
  • PostCodeStar utilises the existing, easily recognised post code system where available so it's just a case of adding a couple of characters at the end
  • There's no risk of mispronunciation of words or misunderstanding due to accents or reading abilities, letters can be read out phonetically and there are only a few of them!
  • It's way quicker to type a few characters than huge long co-ordinates or words
  • PostCodeStar is so accurate. You can pinpoint any 1 square metre location, anywhere in the world

How to get the PostCodeStar app


PostCodeStar app screenshots

You can either browse to postcodestar.com and start using the website or you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play for Google Maps integration. 

There’s no need to log in and the service is totally free to use via the website and app.

Download PostCodeStar on App Store  Download on Google Play  Go to the PostCodeStar website

What does the future hold for PostCodeStar?

We’re extremely excited about the future of PostCodeStar. Because of the huge potential of this technology we could be seeing the system used by emergency services, courier services, navigation systems and car manufacturers to name but a few. Our aim is to change the way the whole world shares locations.

Watch this space…

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