MailChimp Integration

MailChimp is a great choice for handling your email campaigns and it’s increasingly popular with our clients.

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The danger of using external email providers is that the contact details and opt-in permissions can be out of synch with your contact database (CRM).

Achorda can solve that by integrating MailChimp to automate the list productions from your CRM. This ensures that fresh contact details and regularly pushed to MailChimp when they change and new subscriptions are added to your mailing lists.

If anyone unsubscribes on MailChimp or they become ineligible, for example due to expired membership or unsubscribing from your website, they will be removed from any of your MailChimp lists.

For GDPR compliance you need to ensure that all of your email communications are sent out based on up-to-date opt-in subscriptions. Achorda ensures that your MailChimp database is always synchronised with your CRM using the latest opt-in information and that unsubscribes are handled properly.

An Umbraco CRM solution is also available and we can build you a fully integrated portal to manage subscriptions.


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