Secure Document Management | Data Management | Archiving | Searching | Circulation

ACHORDdata gives you maximum control over your documents and data and helps you get the most from the information held within your system.

Below are some examples of the functionality that can be provided depending on requirements and budget. If you are looking for something that isn't listed it's a pretty safe bet we can do that too. Just ask.


Document Management

  • Easy uploading and deleting
  • Simple folder management / archiving
  • Allocate view / edit permissions at any folder tree node level
  • Document history
  • Document ownership
  • Linked with CRM for easy document circulation


Secure searching

  • Secure document access with folder and user permissions
  • Advanced searching
  • Saved searches


Data and reporting

  • Configurable reports for any data
  • Data dashboard page
  • User analysis reports
  • Email reach reports
  • Website usage reports
  • HR reports
  • Levy reports
  • Membership reports

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