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Employee Engagement – The Key to Intranet Success

An intranet is not much use if it doesn’t make staff more productive. In order for any business intranet to be successful, it is vital that employees are on board with the concept. The information they share and the collaboration among previously disjointed departments is key to increasing the efficiency and profitability of the business.


10 Signs Your Business Needs an Intranet

Here are 10 sure signs that your business would benefit greatly from using an intranet.

busy office, colleagues sharing information

1 You can never find the right document

Whether a business is small or large there will always be hundreds of documents to file and manage. This can be a source of great frustration if your document management system is inefficient, making it hard, if not impossible to locate the right document. This is especially the case if documents are locked away in different software in different departments.

An intranet is the perfect solution to this problem as it provides one central place for all staff to manage and locate documents. A comprehensive search system means intranet users can use advanced search criteria to pinpoint the correct documents. Plus sensitive documents can be protected so that only users with the correct authorisation can actually access them online.

2 You keep ‘reinventing the wheel’ when work is reproduced unnecessarily

Apart from being frustrating, it is a waste of money and resources when time and effort is spent working on something, only to find that it has already been done by someone else. If your current software systems aren’t synchronised staff are probably entering the same information into multiple databases when it could just be entered once. And if there is no platform for checking if someone in the company has already carried out a similar project to the one you are about to start, how would you find out?

Imagine a central platform where staff can enter data into one database that everyone can use, search for a solution to the problem they are trying to solve, ask colleagues questions via a staff forum, post documented solutions to issues they have resolved and generally share their knowledge as they gain it. That’s what an intranet can do for you, saving money and making everyone’s life a whole lot easier. ...

How to Get More Clients by Optimising your SEO with a Bespoke CMS

There's no point in having great content on your website if Google ranks you down for technical reasons.

Tools like WordPress are fine for simple websites and these tools do let you control some of the key properties of a page for SEO. But if you have a more complex site with lots of content or you want to squeeze the best search ranking out of it then you may be making a few mistakes.

All of the good stuff like blogs, news releases and pages describing your products and services should get the attention from the search engines - not your search pages and disclaimers, etc....

Bespoke CRM Database | Integrate your SEO and Campaign Tracking with your CRM

Using a bespoke CRM integrated with your website lets you capture where your sales are really coming from and not just the information from the latest visit.

Many detached systems fail to record the campaign that generated the initial seed in the customer’s mind that then turned into a repeat visit for the actual sale or sign-up....

Bespoke Intranet | What is it and what can it do for your business?

Here at ACHORDA we used to develop a lot of stand-alone applications for our clients. Each application would have its own security system, its own unique look and feel and its own database.

When separate systems are developed in this way you start to get a few problems, some of which you may well recognise from your own experience:

  • How do you get these different systems to talk to each other and share data?
  • Every application is new to the users so training is required separately for each system
  • Licensing issues have to be handled separately
  • Information gets locked away in one system because other users are unable / unwilling to learn how to use every application
  • Time and money is wasted and opportunities for business competitive advantage are lost
  • Staff reinvent the wheel because each department has competing sets of requirements and each head of department jealously guards their applications and data
  • You need a separate set of developers to maintain each system...

Bespoke Software | 5 reasons to choose bespoke over packaged commercial software

A common misconception about going the ‘bespoke’ route for your business software as opposed to an ‘off the shelf’ software package is that bespoke means ‘more expensive’. While there are some great packages out there, trying to make them fit your business may in the long run cost you much more. Here are some reasons why a bespoke solution might be the better option:...